Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Saturday, December 26, 2009 at 5:24 AM

Anyone owning this updated Kawasaki will soon be paraphrasing Henny Youngman along the roadside: "Don't take my license, please." As those nice folks in suits remind us, your bike's muscle is best flexed on the track. But hey, we're only human. Pair that with the superhero limits of the Ninja ZX-14, and we can only wish you good luck controlling your throttle wrist.

Twisting the right grip puts the bike's rumored 200 horsepower (that's not a misprint) to work. To put it in greater perspective, that's half the horses of a new Corvette in a package 85% lighter. Can you say "power-to-weight ratio?"

Thrust is all well and good, but we appreciate a good-looking bike as much as the next guy. Thankfully, the ZX-14 doesn't let us down. Kawasaki wisely chose not to slather it with technicolor-paint options, choosing instead to enhance its appearance with smaller touches like integrated signals on the front and rear. Best of all, this understated design with overachiever power is yours for an MSRP of $11,499.


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