Peraves Monotracer

Monday, August 10, 2009 at 11:05 AM

It's hard to call the Peraves MonoTracer a motorcycle. Sure, it has two wheels, tandem seating, and a twist-grip throttle, but passengers sit in a plush interior enjoying amenities like windshield wipers, air-conditioning, and a bitchin' stereo. It's also a lot safer than an open bike, with stability control, seat belts, and stabilizer wheels that deploy like landing gear to keep the thing upright at stoplights.

The Swiss company's aim was to offer speed freaks an energy-efficient way to get their kicks. The MonoTracer accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds and can exceed 155 mph, but still gets 57 miles per gallon. And because of its slim proportions, it won't cause or get stuck in congestion.

But don't expect to see packs of them on the road anytime soon. Peraves intends to build just 100 of the $77,000 machines, and owners will have to attend a training course. In Switzerland.

The Hyanide

at 11:01 AM

Designer : Oliver Keller and Tillman Schlootz
Engine: 60hp, 500cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder
Status : One fifth of a scale model / currently not going into production
Credibility : Potent for any terrain, courtesy of its flexible rubber treads

Designed for last years Michelin Design Challenge, the Hyanide impressed on and all with its amazing ability to conquer any terrain. Its flexible rubber treads could pull the machine through, even if its slightest part is touching the ground. We have had no news of it since then but we are just hoping that the Germans decide to send it to the production floor.

The Embrio

at 10:57 AM

Designer: Canadian multinational Bombardier
Engine : Complex hydrogen fuel cell
Status : Prototype
Credibility: Single wheeled, emits only water vapor

The Embrio from Bombraider is a prototype, which could become a virtual reality somewhere around 2025 for this technology is too ultramodern considering the present generation bikes. It sports a single wheel and is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which creates power by mixing hydrogen and oxygen, creating only water as a by-product

The Renovatio

at 10:55 AM

Designer : Ed Jacobs
Engine: 135 hp, V-twin engine, specially designed by Katech
Status : Pre -Production
Credibility: Easy to upgrade and reconfigure

Confederate Motorcycles lead designer Ed Jacobs designed this drastic bike concept with large attachment points easily available on the engine ensuring improvements and assorted configurations at ease. Powered by a V-Twin engine, it produces 135 hp at 125ft/lbs of torque. Confederate is confident about this unique concept it has developed and it plans to produce it some time this year.

Detonator V4 6.0

at 10:49 AM

Designer : Daniel Simon
Engine: 6 liter, 4 Cylinder
Status: Concept/Sculpture
Credibility: Bears no semblance to any existing concepts

The, ‘too hot to handle’, Detonator V4 6.0, is a mere sculpture with no intention of being a functional bike. This machine looks like a crossover between a chopper and an automotive soldered android and hmmm! It reminds me of those big pizza cutters

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