Macchia Nera concept bike

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 7:36 AM

Nera means “Black,” in Italian. This was produced as a concept in 2004 and never got any further than that. Based on a Ducati 998 WSB engine, some Italian journalist suggested this was the perfect track day bike, but he was crazy – no one in their right mind throws a two hundred thousand dollar bike down a track. This was the one and only produced and if you are the guy who bought it, I would love to hear from you. This certainly qualifies as the “Most Exclusive Bike in the World.”

BMW G650X Country

at 7:21 AM

The most flexible member of BMW Motorrad 'fresh series of S of new G align, G 650 Xcountry is the traditional concept of jammer supplemented with far with some single modern configurations at BMW, as of the 53 powers in horses energetic choose the engine of cylinder, and a light design of high efficiency.
The components of refining and generous of frame surround an engine with high output of simple-cylinder which has what it takes. Reliable, powerful and thanks to the catalytic converter of euro 3 and with the management of the very last thing of engine with the levels low of fuel consumption and emission of exhaust: this bicycle will put many larger machines behind him. And that applies to asphalt and cross-country. The country of BMW G650X is a genuine jammer. As well as to be BMW through and through: of high-quality, durable, adapted for the daily use, with long intervals of maintenance and the reliability which distinguishes the mark. The best of the two worlds returns this country of single BMW G650X. G 650 Xcountry is general-purpose, go-does not import where bicycle for the 21st century. Compact, light and sensitive, it is a star interpreter on any kind of road, whereas the optional ABS of BMW Motorrad makes sure that it is right stop like impressive that starting.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi

at 7:13 AM

The Bajaj Pulsar 180 dtsi places itself on par with other high end bikes and has a full throttle feel. The stronger alloy wheel coupled with a long wheelbase of 1330mm enhances the stability of the bike and also makes it more agile. One can sit with ease on the bike with its superior Shock absorption which reduces the vibrations to a minimum. The engine is improved with a stable chassis, a new design magnesium alloy wheel and Nitrox shock absorbers, rear suspension with triple-rated springs for handling extreme road conditions and terrain. The pillion seating is comfortable and the bike provides a mileage of about 45-50kmpl.

Whiling away, in its own devilish glory, the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-I has a decent fuel efficiency and gives an average of 45-50 km per every liter of fuel. To its credit off course goes a cool acceleration t and linear and enough power on all the gears!
As always, the pulsar is made to look sleek and cunning on the road. Robust, tough and looks like a devil that?s set to devour, theBajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi is really on. The Bajaj Pulsar 180cc is elegant in its looks with aerodynamic shape and has a flush-fitted tail lamp that?s kinda cool. The bike has an LCD speedo and tachometer console and the fuel tank gives the muscular shaped body to it, that you so go gaga about. The black styling provides the bike a sleek as well as subtle aggression and its scanty dashboard layout and a lighter yet stronger alloy wheels calls for low maintenance, as it wouldn?t rust. Switches are convenient for use and there is a tacho; a beam flasher.
Good looks, stunning style and great performance make the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i, a great bike. It?s sporty, it?s functional and its fuel efficient and all set to put you on the move. It may look a little on the lighter side while on the toad, but on the whole, its just what you would like to have if you want a bike, that?s both roaring in engine and stealing in style.

Yamaha Alba

at 7:09 AM

Yamaha’s new offering – the Alba is not very stylish but it is not very bad looking either and has got a cool look that is quite good keeping in mind that it is designed for being a family bike. The bike has been provided with drum brakes both on the front and the rear of the car. Besides drum brakes, the Alba is provided with shock absorbers to make a ride in the bike comfortable.

The seat in Yamaha’s new offering – The Alba is quite good and has been found to be quite comfy. While riding the bikers will need to lean forwards as the wheel base in the bike is quite long. However, the other features in the bike like the broad and ergonomic seats in the bike make sitting on the bike comfortable for the riders.

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