Harley Davidson Cross Bones

Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 9:40 AM

Perhaps the title is a little eccentric, but in truth, so is this motorbike. Harley Davidson's Cross Bones is one of the latest in an eclectic range that seems to be getting as many possible variants out of the several base models they make, and as such it's more a styling exercise than anything else. But style, as you may have realised, is something that Harley Davidson do extremely well.

Harley Davidson have produced the standard model that looks close to what I would aspire to achieve by customisation. It is a magnificent piece of motorcycle art, beautifully finished and executed. Somehow as a motorcycle it fails to tick three of my four "what makes a bike any good" boxes in that it doesn't stop, handle or corner more than adequately, and even that's open to debate. Yet I really enjoyed riding it. And that's the biggest tick of them all. So despite all my grumbles, I'd have to say that the Cross Bones presses all the right buttons for me.


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