Honda CBR1000RR

Saturday, December 26, 2009 at 5:28 AM

If there's a sports bike equivalent to a Honda S2000 convertible, it could very well be the Honda CBR1000RR. By that, we mean the reliability and fun factors are high, and the bang for the buck is hard to beat. It's likely that the only drama of ownership would be seeing red and blue lights in your mirrors.

For 2006, Honda has restyled their largest-displacement CBR around their feared-and-revered MotoGP RC211V. As a result, the latest 1000RR boasts a lighter weight, better handling and even greater power than before. The redesigned skin is not a night-and-day difference from its predecessor, but it's nicely updated and offered in aggressive paint schemes that successfully stop short of looking tacky.

As for that bang-for-the-buck factor we mentioned, the new CBR1000RR is a steal with its base MSRP of $11,299 -- leaving enough in the bank for the tickets you'll invariably collect.


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